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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Pandemic Planning

A pandemic may be coming, but we do not know when, nor do we know whether it will be mild or severe.

Sunrise Health Region believes we must all do our part in preparing now. By preparing, we can slow the spread of the disease when it comes and reduce the impact it brings to our lives. As well, much of what we can do now will result in disease prevention in our everyday lives, and prepare us for other, non-health emergencies.

It is not reasonable to expect individuals to prepare for something they know little about, or for which they cannot foresee the consequences. Check the links below for information on preventing and preparing for a pandemic.

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  • Pandemic Website Links

    The following contain links to trusted websites for pandemic information:

    Health Canada - one-stop access for Government of Canada information on seasonal influenza, avian flu, and pandemic influenza 

    Saskatchewan Health - information sheets and a copy of the provincial plan

    Public Health Agency of Canada - an information portal on pandemic planning

    Centre for Disease Control - An American site with international information on disease control