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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Therapies: Acquired Brain Injury

Providing clinical care close to home

Services offered to individuals in the health region who have sustained a brain injury, either through external force, or internal damage. The following services are available:

ABI Coordinator

The ABI Coordinator is the link between hospital and community, coordinating and implementing community resources and providing education to, and on behalf of, the ABI survivor. This coordination ensures a continuum of health care from the in-patient facility to the home and into the community.

ABI Support Group

This facilitated support group is designed to promote personal contact between survivors and families affected by an ABI. Through shared experiences, the members are able to provide compassion and support for each other. Groups are hosted in many communities within Sunrise Health Region.

ABI Life Enrichment Program

This program provides community-based activities that assist an ABI survivor in developing and maintaining life and leisure skills, enhancing their quality of life and providing a sense of purpose and belonging in the community.  The community support worker in this program provided by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.

ABI Independent Living Program

This program is designed to encourage independent living skills needed by adult survivors of an ABI, enhancing their quality of life. The focus of this program is to gain or maintain a level of independent living that is appropriate for the client.  The community support worker for this program is provided by The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors.

Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) Program

The P.A.R.T.Y. Program is designed to expose teenagers to the sometimes tragic consequences of risk-taking behaviors like drinking and driving, riding without a seatbelt, or not wearing a helmet.   For information on how to get a P.A.R.T.Y. Program started in your community, you may contact the ABI Coordinator for guidance and resources.

For more information contact:

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Coordinator
Sunrise Health Region
200 Bradbrooke Drive
Yorkton, SK
S3N 2K5
Telephone:  306-786-0183                                                                                                                        Fax:  306-786-0179

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