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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
About Sunrise: Strategic Plan

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Upcoming Strategic Visibility Wall Walks:

*all Walks are in the Mental Health Auditorium at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre

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The mission of the Sunrise Health Region is to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities through leadership, collaboration and the provision of high quality health services.

In support of this mission, our board, management, staff, volunteers and physicians will strive to abide by the following values:

"C"ing our Values

  • Collaboration - we act as one unified team providing the best care possible
  • Courage - we act courageously in relentless pursuit of safety and excellence
  • Compassion - we listen to customers and then act and deliver services with compassion, care and respect
  • Creativity - we strive for innovation
  • Commitment - we commit to integrity, honesty and accountability

The mission and values of the health region are devoted to achieving our long-term vision:  Working together... for healthy people in healthy communities.

The Sunrise Regional Health Authority continues to focus on the goals outlined in the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. This Plan aligns with the Province of Saskatchewan’s priorities for healthcare planning. Saskatchewan uses a collaborative method of strategy deployment with the goal for all health regions to “think and act as one” to focus and finish strategies with the potential to affect health outcomes for the better. This method of strategy deployment empowers all health care employees and physicians to work together on system-wide solutions.

The health region’s strategic focus aligns under four “Betters”, upon which objectives, plans and actions are built to achieve Better Health, Better Care, Better Teams, and Better Value for the people of Saskatchewan.

Better Health - Improve population health through health promotion, protection and disease prevention, and collaborating with communities and different government organizations to close the health disparity gap.

Better Care - In partnership with clients and families, improve the individual's experience, achieve timely access and continuously improve healthcare safety.

Better Teams - Build safe, supportive and quality workplaces that support client and family-centred care and collaborative practices, and develop a highly skilled, professional and diverse workforce that has a sufficient number and mix of service providers.

Better Value - Achieve best value for money, improve transparency and accountability and strategically invest in facilities, equipment and information infrastructure.