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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Public Health: Early Childhood Psychology

The early identification and treatment of developmental and behaviour problems in young children is known to be an essential way to promote the health and well-being of all.

The Early Childhood Psychologist provides a crucial portion of the evaluation of an at-risk child's cognitive and social skill formation. Diagnostic information, intervention strategies and program recommendations are provided to parents, other health and social service workers.

Guidance and direction is offered to intervention therapists and day care workers. When needed, assistance is provided to school administration and staff to implement special education program provisions so a child can gain early stimulation and focused skills training.

The specific services provided through the Early Childhood Psychology Program include:

Consultation: Provided to support, enhance and promote programs and services for preschool children. This assistance is offered to a wide variety of groups, other professionals, service agencies and child care providers (such as early childhood intervention programs, physicians, day care centres, play schools and parents.) The information provided through consultation is child-specific and focuses on issues in development, behaviour and parenting. Consultation services are provided that concern normally developing children as well as those with special needs.

Preventative Educational Services: These services are available to the community at large. The goal of this service is to provide preschool child caregivers with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to identify, prevent and/or solve potential problems in child development, behaviour and parenting. When possible, information is also distributed through a variety of formats including presentations, workshops, discussion groups, newspaper articles and radio. The Early Childhood Psychologist, based in Yorkton, covers the Sunrise Health Region. Early childhood psychology (ECP) services are directed to preschool age children (0 through 5 years of age) who are:

  • Delayed in one or more of the major areas of development (mental, social, language, motor and self-help);
  • At substantial risk for delayed development or learning problems; or,
  • Are developing normally, but present significant challenges in behaviour and parenting to their families.

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