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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Health Services: Long Term Care

Sunrise Health Region operates 13 long term and special care homes, in all major communities in all areas of the region. These care homes have, for many years, provided a home-like atmosphere for those no longer able to completely look after their own needs.

Before someone can be admitted to a long term care facility, an assessment must be completed. A request for assessment can be made through the Sunrise Health Region Home Care offices throughout the region; contact your local Home Care office for assistance. A listing is available on the Patients, Clients & Visitors tab - choose Facilities and then the location nearest you for contact information.

An assessment is completed using a "risk indicator" guideline where individuals are assigned a score that measures the urgency of a placement need. Once the eligibility criteria for admission are met, the name is added to the priority-based waiting list. All admissions for long term care are examined by an Access Review Committee to ensure that the highest priority needs are met.

The cost paid by the client for long term care varies, and is calculated according to income, based on provincial guidelines. The rental charge does not include the cost of telephone, cable television, medication, travel, hair dressing services, clothing or personal items.

Clients frequently ask if they have to change doctors when they go into long term care. If your doctor has admitting privileges in Sunrise Health Region, you can keep the same doctor. If not, you will have to change to one that does. We always recommend choosing a doctor who regularly visits the care home.

We encourage you to bring small personal articles such as a radio, television, and pictures with you, to make your room more like home. Depending on the facility, you may be able to bring larger furniture items as well, such as a favourite easy chair.

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Our dietary departments work hard to provide tasty, satisfying meals and snacks. All food is prepared locally and served in the dining room. Snacks and beverages are offered between meals. A dietitian works with our care teams to provide diets for individualized needs.

PERFUME AND SCENTS CAN ENDANGER THE HEALTH OF OTHERS                                                                

Sunrise Health Region facilities are scent-free.  Please do not use perfumes and fragrances on days when coming into health care facilities.  Perfumes and fragrance can contain as many as 300 different chemicals which, when breathed in by others or settling on clothing, hair or objects can cause severe breathing difficulties, skin, or eye irritation for some long term care residents, patients and health care workers with allergies or lung conditions.