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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Hospital Care: Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis is a satellite dialysis unit working in conjunction with the Home Unit at the Regina General Hospital and under the direction of Dr. C. Wilson, Nephrologist.

Patients who are dialyzing in either Regina or Saskatoon, and are deemed stable to be in the satellite unit, may access this service on a first come, first served basis.

Staff consisting of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses provide hemodialysis treatments for 24 patients in Sunrise and surrounding health regions. They are supported by social workers, dietary counsellors, pharmacy staff and laboratory services staff.

Sunrise Health Region reminds people to not use perfumes and fragrances on days when coming into health care facilities.  Perfumes and fragrance can contain as many as 300 different chemicals. which when breathed in by others or settling on clothing, hair or objects can cause severe breathing difficulties, skin, or eye irritation for some patients and health care workers with allergies or lung conditions.