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About Sunrise: Sunrise Regional Health Authority Board of Directors

Sunrise Regional Health Authority is the official name of the Sunrise Health Region board of directors.  The appointment of members and the identification of chairperson and vice-chairperson are made by Order of Council of the Government of Saskatchewan.  All members serve at the pleasure of the Minister of Health for three year terms. Upon appointment new members receive extensive orientation to the region which oversees health services for 58,923 people in the region, with an overall catchment area of 120,000. The annual budget for health services in Sunrise Health Region is in excess of 221 million dollars and services are provided by its 2,961 staff members working in the community and in 26 facilities managed by the health region.

The Sunrise Regional Health Authority members live in communities throughout the health region and represent the interests of all people served by the region when governing the region, as a whole.

  • Dave Schappert (Acting Chairperson) of Langenburg - appointed February of 2009; Mayor/Businessman
  • Gordon Gendur of Yorkton - appointed May of 2012; Retired Teacher and Administrator/School Board Member
  • Shirley Wolfe-Keller of Invermay - appointed May of 2012; Social Worker
  • Garth Harris of Preeceville - appointed October of 2015; Mayor/Business Manager
  • Deb Schmidt of Yorkton - appointed October of 2015; Realtor/Chairperson of Parkland Victim Services

Board Committees - Appointment of board members to provincial and regional committees are considered annually.

         Board Committee Membership:

  • Human Resources Committee - Dave Schappert (Chair), Gordon Gendur, Deb Schmidt
  • Community Health Advisory Committees - Dave Schappert (Chair), Deb Schmidt
  • Quality & Safety Board Committee/Sustainable Governance Quality Improvement Team - Dave Schappert (Chair), Garth Harris, Shirley Wolfe-Keller

Regional Committees:

  • The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan - Shirley Wolfe-Keller
  • Regional Ethics Committee - Garth Harris
  • Practitioner Liaison Council - Dave Schappert (Chair), Deb Schmidt

Provincial Committees:

  • Governing Council - Dave Schappert (Chair)



Dave Schappert, Acting Chairperson

Shirley Wolfe-Keller, Board Member

Garth Harris, Board Member



Gordon Gendur, Board Member

Deb Schmidt, Board Member




Visit the Board Meetings page to view the minutes of previous board meetings held.