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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Services available through Sunrise Health Region Mental Health & Addiction Services

Brief Therapy – 1-3 sessions for sudden and intense stress related to a specific cause. For example, job loss or separation from partner.

Individual Counselling – 1-6 sessions; services will include a treatment plan, identified goals and re-evaluation. Appointments with therapists are individualized and the duration of therapy is discussed at the beginning of therapy, with an end date in mind. The frequency between appointments is decided between you and the therapist.

Psycho-Educational or Treatment Groups – Mental Health & Addiction Services anxiety and depression group, Addictions Matrix, Phase 1, Alcohol Drug Education Program groups, an annual Chemical Dependency Community Awareness Workshop and Achieving Respectful Relationships for Men.

Sunrise Health Region Children’s Therapies - for pre-K children ages 3-5 and autism support.

Alcohol/Drug Detox – information, groups, linkage to resources; Stepping Stone Wellness Clinic in Kamsack, Naloxone kits, Turning Point needle exchange program and community education.

Education and Prevention – for schools, communities and other agencies and workplaces, for example, Mental Health First Aid, ASIST and FRIENDS.

Mental Health First Aid – Courses are offered throughout the year, providing education and tools to assist those developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. For more information and course availability, please visit the Mental Health First Aid website or contact Kara Molnar at 306-786-0576 or kara.molnar@shr.sk.ca.

Recovery Services – This program is designed for those who require ongoing support and life skills training which will enable them to live more independently and successfully in their community. Community Mental Health Nurses are available to provide follow-up and an Approved Home Program is available for individuals who are not able to live independently

Mental Health Approved Homes – Mental Health Approved Homes provide residence and assistance to people living with a long term mental illness.  Approved homes are required to have a licensed operator who resides in the home and provides clients with a safe, supportive environment which includes proper nutrition and medication management.  Homes are required to pass a fire and health inspection on an annual basis and all operators are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR, Safe Food Handling and Professional Assault Response Training (PART).

Psychiatry – Psychiatric services are provided throughout the Sunrise Health Region. The main outpatient clinic and 15 bed inpatient unit are attached to the Yorkton Regional Health Centre. Psychiatric referrals are accepted from family physicians or Nurse Practitioners (NP). Psychiatrists provide assessment; inpatient and outpatient treatment, consultation to physicians, hospitals and long term care homes in the region and also support and participate in prevention and educational activities. Psychiatrists must practice within the terms of the Mental Health Services Act and ensure that the patient’s rights are protected at all times.

Inpatient Services – 15 beds are available to provide inpatient assessment and treatment at the Yorkton Mental Health Centre.  The majority of people are admitted on a voluntary basis, no different than when people are admitted to a general hospital for a physical illness.  Clients are restored to health utilizing a wide range of resources

Online counselling – www.onlinetherapyuser.ca

Internet Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ICBT) is an internet program for depression and anxiety. The Wellbeing Program is offered to individuals experiencing mild to severe symptoms of depression, panic, social phobia, generalized anxiety, health anxiety, and trauma (in process). The ICBT program involves 5 lessons over 8 weekly sessions. Sessions are online. There is assessment via questionnaires throughout the course of service. Each session includes a “Do It Yourself Guide” as well as direction to additional resources. Clients are linked to an online therapist (provincially) and are contacted by the therapist by email once a week for 8 weeks and phone contacts as necessary. The client can contact the therapist via email or telephone as often as they feel necessary however it is stressed to the client that this is an on-line service.