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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Purposeful Interaction

Right care. Right place. Right time.

Purposeful Interaction, which began implementation in the region in 2015, is the practice of seeing to the needs of long-term care (LTC) residents within a prescribed amount of time, improving residents safety and satisfaction while ensuring better clinical outcomes. It is the practice of regularly checking on residents' needs using the 4Ps - position, possession, pain and p (washroom)Purposeful Interaction is part of a provincial initiative referred to as "Purposeful Rounding". 

By the end of January, 2017, all long-term care facilities in Sunrise Health Region will have implemented this initiative through individualized week-long, focused events; a full year ahead of provincial targets which is a positive achievement for staff, residents and families. Through this approach, the program is unique to each facility and tailored to its residents. 

Small changes make the biggest difference.  The implementation of purposeful interaction is a refocus of duties that are already being done on a daily basis and is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Each facility creates a unique, tailored program and audits are done every 30 days to ensure that the facility is still accomplishing the goals it set for itself.

Examples of successes include a reduction in the number of call bells in facilities; this means that the needs of residents are being anticipated and met and that staff are provided the opportunity for more focused attention towards tasks. One facility team found that it made a difference to residents when they took a picture of how the resident likes their room and then marked off the area where the resident likes a certain object to be positioned. The staff members can then ensure that the resident's room is kept how the resident prefers it. Another facility has focused time to socialize with residents which has helped to enhance resident and family satisfaction with feeling valued as well as decreasing feelings of loneliness. 

It is an understanding that when basic needs are met, including respect for the resident in both physical and mental needs, everyone is happier.  ALL staff take part and play a role in purposeful, meaningful interaction.  Sometimes, it is as simple as asking the question, "Is there anything else you need?". Dignity and respect are key to a purposeful environment. Family and friends are also positively affected when residents are happy and their everyday needs are met. 

Click here to read the Sunrise Update from October, 2015 highlighting the Purposeful Interaction work completed at Invermay Health Centre.