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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Speak Up!

Improving the safety of patients and health care workers is a top priority in Saskatchewan. The Safety Alert/Stop the Line strategy is a provincial initiative that intends to build a safety culture and make health care environments safer for patients, staff and providers.

To achieve the goal of eliminating preventable injuries to patients, physicians and staff, all Sunrise Health Region patients, volunteers, physicians and staff are empowered to ‘stop the line’ when potential sources of harm or injury are discovered, without fear of blame or retaliation.  It is about creating a a trusting culture where clients and providers can readily report hazards, near misses and harm. It is vital to establishing a defect-free system. 

Speaking up is powerful. It takes courage and conviction to do so. Safety is everyone’s right and responsibility - from identification, to correction, and communication.

To help spread the message, a variety of posters are displayed throughout all Sunrise Health Region facilities as a reminder that it is the right and responsibility of all staff and patients to “Stop the Line”.

Don’t hesitate to Speak Up! with anything that you smell, see, feel, taste, hear or know that could prevent an injury or harm.  






STOP the line when a potential harm or injury is perceived or observed.


ALERT/ASSESS, tell others!  Assess the situation to determine root cause and solutions.


FIX it if you can. Take immediate action.


ELIMINATE or ESCALATE the problem and continue on with care and work tasks.


REPORT to the immediate supervisor or manager, at first opportunity.