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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Improvement Events

Change is constant.  As an organization, we must consistently be searching for areas and processes that are the most efficient and cost-effective for staff, clients and families.  Improvement events are an intense, in-depth review of what we are currently doing versus what we could do to make things better for all involved.  Our staff are the ultimate experts in their chosen field of work and their expertise and experience play the key role in searching for new and innovative ways to accomplish goals.

What is a 3P Event?

3P = Production / Preparation / Process

3P seeks to meet requirements by starting with a clean product development slate to rapidly create and test potential product and process designs that require the least time, material and capital resources.

This method typically involves a diverse group of individuals in a multi-day creative process to identify several alternative ways to meet the needs of staff and clients using different product or process designs.

3P typicallys results in products that are less complex and easier to use and maintain. 3P can also design production processes that eliminate multiple process steps and equipment that better meets needs.

Optimization of Inventory and Product Flow for the Sunrise Health Region

The Yorkton Regional Health Centre (YRHC) Materials Management Department is located in the basement area as well as 4 other identified locations throughout the hospital.  With this model, many inefficiencies were identified.  An intense 3P event was undertaken involving a variety of staff members, a client/patient advisor and outside organizations (such as the Five Hills Health Region, 3S Health and vendors) for input on a total redesign of the Materials Management Department.  

On Friday, June 24, 2016, the culmination of weeks of intense, hard work was presented identifying the process and results.  A brand new design for Materials Management was unveiled which will better meet the needs of the entire department.  The input of staff, the families we serve, and partners ensures that the design is the most effective and efficient going forward.

The 3P Materials Management event is available for viewing here:

As part of the event, Dave Matichuk, Client/Family Advisor, commented on the process:

"We all came in with open eyes and open ears.  You employees are very fortunate to have an employer that gives you the opportunity to say what you want and to form your own destiny. Here you have your employer giving you that opportunity to design your own building; design the way you want to work.  You can see they (the Materials Management staff) come here with enthusiasm and their eyes are sparkling and they're excited and they should be because they are designing their new home and a home for the people behind them.  With this new work area, it's going to be safe to work, there's more room to work, the productivity is going to be up and the morale of the employees is going to be up because that sunshine spreads happiness.  When we have happy employees, happy company, happy department, it makes your life so much better and you go home happy."