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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 

Families and guests of the client are welcome 24 hours a day in accordance with the client’s preference.  The open visiting policy applies at all care facilities in the health region.  Some visiting restrictions may apply at the request of the client and as noted below.

Family Members - Open Visiting
Immediate family members, partners or support persons (as defined by the client) are welcome to be with the client whenever the client would like to have them present. If the client has asked to reduce the amount of visiting by family members, the wishes of the client are respected.

Other Relatives and Visitors - Open Visiting (some restrictions may apply as listed below)
Visitors are ‘guests’ of the client or his/her family. As guests of the client, visitors are welcome at any time that the client wishes to see them and so long as the visiting will not impede care of the client or of other clients. Visitors may include but are not limited to friends of the client, family friends, and other relatives who may not have been identified as immediate family.

There are times when the care team may ask that the number and duration of visitors should be limited:
• Due to the client’s condition;
• To support the client in having adequate time to rest;
• To support the client’s wish/need for privacy during certain aspects of receiving care;
• To support these needs for the client’s roommate (in the case of shared rooms).
• If symtpoms of illness are present - click here for visitor restrictions during outbreaks              

These limitations are intended for visitors and not family members.  Family members are always welcome to be with the client and any requests to limit their time spent with the client will be discussed with the client and family.

In Sunrise Health Region, we recognize that the support of family members and friends contributes to the overall well-being of the clients we serve. Research has demonstrated that the presence and participation of family members and friends - as partners in care - enhances the patient and family experience of care, improves management of chronic and acute illnesses and enhances continuity of care.  If you have any further questions about our visiting policies; please feel free to contact the facility you wish to visit directly using the contact information under the Facilities section of this website.