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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
CTP: Helpful Handouts

Developmental Information


Autism Handouts
Red Flags for Autism

Early Childhood Psychology Handouts
Under construction...

Occupational Therapy Handouts

Pre-Scissor & Writing Skills

TACTILE Activities

Strategies to Calm and Organize

Playdough and Putty Activities


Physical Therapy Handouts
Preschooler Focus - Physical Activity and Your Preschooler
Preschooler Focus - Physical Activity In Childcare
Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines: 0-4 Years
Canadian Sedentary Activity Guidelines: 0-4 Years

Speech and Language Handouts
Supporting Infant - Toddler Language Development
Supporting Preschool Language Development
18 - 20 Month Speech and Language Screen
21 - 24 Month Speech and Language Screen
Hearing Health and Checklist
Speech Sound Development


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