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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 
Client & Family Centred Care

What is Client & Family Centred Care?

Client and Family Centred Care is a philosophy that supports clients and families being actively involved in decisions that affect their care. 

It also involves partnering with clients and families to review and improve health care services and programs.  

Client and Family Centred Care Videos, please click here
Client and Family Centred Care Background Information, please
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Client and Family Centred Care Multi-Year Action Plan
Sunrise Health Region's Client and Family Centred Care Working Group’s first task was to develop a multi-year Action Plan to support the advancement of this philosophy in the Sunrise Health Region.  This Action Plan was completed at the end of March 2012 and is available on the Sunrise Health Region web site here
Where can I find more information about Client and Family Centred Care?
Further information and resources are also available on the Ministry of Health website, which includes access to the Provincial Framework, a document outlining PFCC Resources and Tools, and a Regional Roadmap.
How do I get involved in Client and Family Centred Care in the Sunrise Health Region?
Sunrise Health Region is seeking clients and families to work with us in improving health care at every level. Health care workers have many good ideas and solutions; however, we need the perspective of clients and families to help us truly understand what works well and what could be better in regard to our services. 
  • Share your experiences with Sunrise Health Region’s services as a client family member
  • One-time Engagement (such as a focus group participant)
  • Occasional Reviewer (such as a working group participant to revise/develop patient education materials, policy, etc)
  • Member of Regional Steering Committee (set direction for CFCC priorities and initiatives in the Sunrise Health Region)
  • Member of Client and Family Advisory Council or Quality Improvement Committee for a specific department/program
For more information, contact:
Sunrise Health Region
Continuous Improvement & Patient Safety
(306) 786-0735 or toll-free: 1-800-505-9220
Who is a client? Who is a family?
A client is a person who experiences services provided by Sunrise Health Region. Other common terms for client include patient and resident.
A family is a group of individuals who are connected by kinship, affection, dependency or trust. The family is defined by the client.
Borrowed with permission from Saskatoon Health Region

View Sunrise Health Region's Client & Family Centred Care Action Plan (March 2012) here

View the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health PFCC web site here


Have you had great care that was client and family centred?

Sunrise would like your help in sharing stories about the care you received.
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