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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 

Sunrise Health Region Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

  • COPD is a lung disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to be inflamed and narrowed leading to shortness of breath and reduced activity.
  • It can make breathing and everyday tasks difficult.

    Who is the program for?

    • The program is open to individuals with a diagnosis of COPD, asthma, or any other confirmed lung disease and their family/support person.

    How can the program benefit you?

    • Helps you take control of your COPD (improve self management).
    • Enhances your quality of life and helps you manage your symtpoms.
    • Assists you in preventing COPD symptoms.
    • Assists you in preventing COPD complications.
    • Works with your doctors to design and implement an individualized plan of action.

    What does the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program involve?

    • You will work with a team of health care professionals trained in various aspects of COPD to help you and your family better understand and manage your condition.
    • Both education and a supervised exercise program are offered.
    • The program consists of 12 sessions which take place twice a week for 6 weeks.

    How can you become a part of the program?

    • Referrals to the program are accepted from Physicians, Specialists, and other Health Care Providers.
    •  You can also self refer to the program.

    For more information about the Sunrise Health Region Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program or to request an appointment for individual education, please contact:

    Kerry O'Donnell
    Chronic Disease Management Facilitator
    Phone: (306) 786-0768

     Upcoming Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs


    Please contact us for our next program dates.