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                           Sunrise Health Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority 

Yorkton Regional Health Centre:

Visitor parking at Yorkton Regional Health Centre is accessed through the East entrance, between the hospital and nursing home properties.

When parking in the Health Centre parking lot, patients, clients and visitors are required to obtain a parking voucher from the automated machine located at the entrance to the parking lot, or if parking in a metered spot, to ensure the meter is paid for the time required, and is not expired.

Parking fees are as follows:

  • Per ½ hour - $1.00
  • Daily - $10.00
  • Weekly - $40.00
  • Monthly - $100.00

Volunteers and patients utilizing Dialysis and Oncology services will be provided complimentary parking passes for the times that they are at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre.

Visitors are required to take parking vouchers into the Yorkton Regional Health Centre and pay before leaving at the automated kiosks located at the two main entrances of the Yorkton Regional Health Centre. The kiosks will accept cash or credit card payments. Once parking is paid, time is allocated to return to the vehicle and to insert the ticket to raise the arms that will allow exiting of the parking lot.

Drivers may pull up to the curb of the Yorkton Regional Health Centre for drop-off or pick-up; however cars parked along the curb or left unattended will be ticketed and towed away. The area in front of the building is considered a fire lane. According to fire regulations, fire lanes must remain free of vehicles to provide clear access to the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. After drop-off, drivers can proceed to the designated parking areas to park their vehicle.

Parking signs are displayed in designated parking stalls and clear “no-parking, fire lane” signage has been placed along the north-side of the building.

The importance of keeping roadways clear for emergency vehicles cannot be overstated. Parking infractions can result in a parking ticket and/or towing charges for the following violations:

  • parking on roadways or in other areas at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre site bearing signage restricting parking;
  • obstructing traffic by parking outside of designated stalls in the parking lot;
  • parking illegally in a handicapped stall, fire lane or no parking zone.