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The Baby Friendly Initiative

The Baby Friendly Initiatve supports meeting client needs by promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding. It has been around since 1991, and was launched by the World Health Orgainzation (WHO) and United Nations Children\'s Fund (UNICEF) with the purpose to encourage hospitals, health care and maternity facilities to internationally recognize excellent patient care.

The Sunrise Health Region is working to achieve this designation, and works continually to meet the 10 Steps identified as necessary to be Baby Friendly. For more information on these ten steps, please go to the following link. www.breastfeedingcanada.ca

Presently the Maternity Ward at YRHC is working on meeting step 7 of 10 steps, where all care for newborns happens at the bedside, keeping moms and babies rooming in together at all times. Up to this point, the baby had been taken to the nursery for routine checks, assessments and lab work. We are happy to bring this all to the bedside, allowing parent\'s the choice to hold their baby skin to skin and/or breastfeed while some procedures are being done to minimize discomfort their baby may experience.

"Lab at the Beside" brochure information click here

 The Baby Friendly Initiative Committee Working Group in partnership with the Yorkton Tribal Council

This working group  is comprised of members from different departments within our health region and the Yorkton Tribal Council, and has worked together towards step 8 of the 10 steps, looking to increase awareness and support for breastfeeding families, promoting breastfeeding beyond six months.

The first project done in 2012, was a Skin to Skin photo contes in which posters were developed to raise awareness about skin to skin and the many benefits it has for babies, including enhancing the breastfeeding relationship. For more information on Skin to Skin please refer to the following link.



 Skin to Skin information click here 




The second project, which is ongoing, is life size cut outs, of moms breastfeeding their children. These cut outs are placed in highly visible public area in order to raise awareness about breastfeeding in public and the mother\'s right to do so. For more information on breastfeeding in public, please refer to these links.


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